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Dennis Visser

Responsible Individual

'Return home interviews are an important part of learning about the reasons some young people may be reported as absent / missing. This is not only a regulatory requirement but can also have valuable insight and the end goal is to reduce these occurrences ensuring increased safety for our children as well as reducing the need for external resources.

Changing Outcomes has ensured that interviews occur within the required timescales and an in depth report is completed highlighting what happened and suggesting possible methods of reducing / eliminating missing episodes.

The report is centred around the voice of the child and in instances where the child is not willing to engage the interviewer will try different methods before liaising with the adults working at the home to gain detailed information.

Changing Outcomes also ensures that the report is sent to the Placing Authority social worker as well as the home. In partnership with Changing Outcomes, the nominated interviewer also attends the home on a monthly basis for breakfast or lunch ensuring that the children have a relationship and this has improved engagement with the process ultimately meaning improved content in the reports.

Since using Changing Outcomes I am pleased that missing episodes have reduced and I believe that children in the home have a greater understanding of the risks that they put themselves in when missing'.

Jackie Smeeth pic

Jackie Smeeth

Responsible Individual

'Changing Outcomes have always acted in a professional manner and have been dedicated to helping us set up and develop our service. They have provided helpful feedback and suggestions and have always been willing to offer constructive advice.
It is refreshing to have such a positive and constructive relationship with our reg 44 visitor, who offers an invaluable third-party view of the care that we provide.'


Angela Macdonald


'I use Changing Outcomes for my Reg 44 monitoring. I find they provide a professional service and use personnel that are experienced in Residential care and in particular the OFSTED inspection criteria. Every month I am given advice and suggestions to make my service better. The monitoring format is clear and covers all the regulations relating to the Quality Standards. Each month Andrew Roberts picks a theme, and this is explored and discussed during the monitoring visit. Overall, I am very impressed with Changing Outcomes'.

kimberley bennett

Kimberley Bennett

Registered Manager

'Having supervision with Changing Outcomes has been so beneficial to me as a newly qualified Children’s Home Manager. Our sessions are a safe and confidential space, where I am able to enhance my professional skills, attitudes, and knowledge in order to achieve competency in providing quality care. My supervisor also gives great advice and shares resources that I can implement into my service. I am really grateful to have been matched with her!'

Tony Wait

Tony Waite

Registered Manager

'We have been working with Changing Outcomes for 4 years now. The Reg 44 visitors are always knowledgeable and familiar with the standards. We have found the visits to be thought provoking and a useful tool for personal and service development. The Reg 44 reports are well written and cover all of the standards thoroughly, with easy to evidence month to month progress on recommendations.'

amanda goodenough

Amanda Goodenough

Business and Service Development Director 

'Beaufort Care Group began working with Andy Roberts and Changing Outcomes in 2018. From the outset, Andy took time to understand the organisation and build the relationship as a critical friend through regular dialogue. His support and service has been instrumental in helping Beaufort improve the quality of our service for young people through the regulation 44 independent visitors.

As we have grown, Changing Outcomes had grown with us. Providing an increased number of quality independent visitors. In addition to this, Andy and his team have also supported us in developing our supported housing provision by providing professional independent visitor reviews.

All inspectors conduct themselves in a professional manner, reports are always provided within good times frames and are of an excellent quality. Andy and his team are without doubt a critical success factor to any Children’s home and supported housing provider and I would highly recommend them'.

nicola markham

Nicola Markham

Registered Manager

‘Changing Outcomes has been a great support and an integral part of setting up my new business. The consultant is infused with knowledge which she imparts with clarity and is always on hand to guide and steer in the right direction to ensure whatever my queries are, they are dealt with in the best possible manner. It is great knowing that I have someone like this watching my back’.

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